The greatest innovators and children have one basic thing in common – they ask a lot of questions.

“Seventh-day what?” Has that ever been your reaction when you heard about the religious group ‘Seventh-day Adventists’?

Every day, you come across subjects that spark curiosity and raise questions. If you have questions about Adventists and the Bible, it’s helpful to have a friend at your fingertips who is willing to help you find the answer you are looking for.

When you ask a question, you open a door that can lead to truths and wisdom that can literally change your life. But, just as important as asking a question, is getting the answer from the right place.

With all the information available at our fingertips, one click can give you a right or wrong answer to your questions. This website gives you the chance to find answers to questions you have about Seventh-day Adventists and the Bible. You may have questions like:

Who are Adventists?

What do they believe?

Why do they worship on Saturday?

Find the answers to your questions about Adventists and the Bible right here. When you ask an Adventist friend, you get answers from the source and can explore the answers for yourself and compare what you learn with the Bible.

Have a question? Ask an Adventist Friend!